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Shizuoka Mt. Fuji

In Shizuoka, you will have change to visit Mt.Fuji - World Cultutural Heritage. In addition, you also can enjoy famous Shizuoka local foods like Sushi, Tempura, Shizuoka tea.

TEA PICKING - Shizuoka is one of most famous areas of the tea production and the view through the big teagarden to Mt.Fuji is one of best view in Japan. Would you like to experience tea picking in Shizuoka? There are various types of Tea in Teagarden and you can experience tea picking from April to October.

SEA FOOD - In Japanese Sardine fry is called "Shirasu". In Suruga Bay, Various types of Shirasu are caught in mix state, and you can enjoy "Kama-age" made from fresh Shirasu and raw Shirasu Sushi. In addition to that Sakura-Ebi (one kind of Shrimp with ping color) is special product of Suruga Bay and a lot of people like Sushi or Tempura made from this kind of Shrimp.

MIHO PINE GROVE - is known as asset of Mt.Fuji which is registered as World cultural heritage in 2013. From Miho no Matsubara 7 km coast with over 30,000 pine trees grow, you can enjoy beautiful view to Mt.Fuji or Izu peninsula across Suruga Bay.

Shizuoka Free Guide

Shizuoka Free Guide

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SHIZUOKA FREE GUIDE provides "Free volunteer guide service" for foreign tourists come to Shizuoka. You want to have memorable experience, sightseeing or shopping at Shizuoka? We will plan your tour freely based on your requests. If you want to tour with volunteer guide service, please make a reservation at SHIZUOKA FREE GUIDE home page. We're looking forward to seeing you in Shizuoka!