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Osaka castle

Osaka is the secondary biggest metropolitan area in Japan. We have a lot of must-see spots in Osaka; for example, Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Shinsekai, Umeda , Shinsaibashi, Bay area and so on. Osaka is generally called "Tenka no Daidokoro(天下の台所)", which literally means "Nation's Kitchen". You can enjoy Osaka local foods like Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and Kushikatsu, too.

OSAKA CASTLE – The most popular and famous landmark in Osaka. You can see beautiful Sakura(Cherry blossom) there in Spring.

DOTONBORI - is gathered with unbelievable number of restaurants and amusement facilities.

SHINSEKAI – Tsutenkaku tower has continued to watch over the City of Osaka for a long time. It's a nostalgic and lively area.

THE UMEDA SKY BUILDING - The 173m tall building consists of two towers that are connected with each other by the "Floating Garden Obserbatory" on the top. The observatory offers great views of the city, especially at night.

Osaka Free Guide

Osaka Free Guide

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