Useful information you should know before go to Japan

When you should go Japan for travel ?

Japan have 4 seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumns and Winter. 4 seasons of the year are quite different, and you can travel to enjoy scenery of Japan all the year.

Mount Fuji

Spring in Japan with Cherry Blossom

Spring (March to May)

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom in Spring

Spring is the best time to visit Japan. Weather is not so cold but not so hot. It's also a season of Cherry Blossom (Sakura season). You can visit Japan to see beautiful Cherry-blossom. Japan have "Hanami" culture in the Spring. Japanese people seat under Cherry Blossom tree, drink and talk together.

Summer (June to August)

Summer with Hanabi(firework festivals)

Summer in Japan with firework festivals

Summer in Japan is hot with high humidity. But it's season of "Matsuri"(festival) which is taking during the summer. Summer is also season of fireworks (Hanabi). A lot of firework festivals open during summer, and when go to firework festivals you can see Japaneses with Yukata & Kimono (Japan's traditional dress). They drink and enjoy fireworks together.

Autumns (September to November)

Summer with Hanabi(firework festivals)

Autumn leaf in Japan

Temperature will become little cold in Autumn. It's also beautiful season and good time for traveling in Japan when the color of leaf changes from green to red or yellow.

Winter (December to February)

Summer with Hanabi(firework festivals)

Skiing in Japan

Japan will become very cold in Winter. But if you visit North area of Japan in this season, you can enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding. Visitors coming from tropical country will have good experience to see snow during stay in Japan.